Litigation is the process of settling a legal dispute between two parties through the court system. When used correctly, it can be an extremely strong tool to enforce legal obligations, safeguard your rights, encourage negotiations and even promote law reform.

At Westaway Law Group, we focus on assisting our clients to resolve their legal issues as effectively and efficiently as possible. We recognize that advancing or defending against court proceedings can be expensive and time-consuming. We often recommend using negotiation and mediation processes as part of our litigation strategy. However, sometimes it is necessary to turn to the courts to enforce legal obligations, defend against charges, or promote law reform. In such cases, it is important to have skilled counsel on your side to make compelling legal arguments and to guide through the process.

Westaway Law Group is a national practice representing Indigenous and non-Indigenous litigants in all jurisdictions and levels of court across the country. We have lawyers called to all provincial bars as well as Québec and Nunavut. We have represented clients in proceedings against the Crown, and involving mining, forestry, and energy proponents on issues such as Treaty land entitlement, band recognition and harvesting rights. Our lawyers have appeared before provincial and federal courts across Canada. We also have significant experience at the Supreme Court of Canada.


We can help with:

  • Asserting Indigenous rights before all levels of court;
  • Defending against charges brought by the Crown for the exercise of section 35-protected Aboriginal rights (hunting, fishing, trapping);
  • Challenging discriminatory government actions for violating Charter rights; and
  • Employment related and contractual matters.
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