Westaway Law Group’s lawyers have experience representing both employers and employees in Employment Law matters at various courts and tribunals. We have specialized knowledge of Employment Law in the Indigenous Law context. As such, we understand the importance of restorative long-term solutions that respond to the unique political, social and community issues facing Indigenous communities and corporations.

Westaway Law Group represents both employers and employees in Employment Law matters, with a thorough conflict of interest check conducted prior to engagement.


Indigenous employers and organizations

  • Interpreting and drafting employment contracts;
  • Interpreting and drafting workplace, discrimination and sexual harassment policies;
  • Advising on Management Rights;
  • Facilitating mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes;
  • Conducting internal investigations; and
  • Advising employers on all employment-related issues.

Individuals Broadly

  • Answering questions related to employment insurance and job security;
  • Advising on employment-related contracts;
  • Protecting Employee and Human Rights in federal and provincial workplaces;
  • Advising on and litigating wrongful dismissal claims;
  • Representation at all provincial and federal courts on Employment Law matters; and
  • Advising on workplace harassment claims.

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