Westaway Law Group provides diverse legal services in the critical area of environmental law.

Our lawyers are experienced advocates who understand Indigenous perspectives on stewardship of land, waters, culture, language, and traditional knowledge.

We have produced numerous written environmental law submissions and critiques and have made oral submissions on behalf of our clients before the Senate of Canada on the recent Bills C-68 and C-69. We have also litigated at the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada in the Reference re Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act. 

We have worked with industry and all levels of government in resource development, consultation and accommodation, impact assessment, and economic development.

Our legal services can include:

  • Legislative, regulatory, and policy legal review to assess the impact of proposed laws and policies on Indigenous rights and interests. We can produce written submissions and present oral argument to government agencies and departments;
  • Organization and capacity development to create joint environmental councils and forums among Indigenous groups and government departments and agencies to promote information-sharing and joint policy development;
  • Community preparedness and outreach concerning impact assessment and industry engagement;
  • Consultation and drafting Exploration Agreements and Impact Benefit Agreements;
  • Impact assessment preparation and planning, including preparation of business contracts, traditional knowledge and engagement protocols, and consultation and engagement plans and protocols; and
  • Litigation on environmental issues.

Read about our intervention at the Supreme Court of Canada in the Reference re Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act:

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