Indigenous economic development is an integral component of reconciliation, holding huge potential to fuel Canadian economic growth.

The Indigenous Economic Progress Report, 2019

Economic development creates reliable, long-term and prosperous employment opportunities and revenue streams for Indigenous communities.


Westaway Law Group works alongside Indigenous communities, organizations, Band Councils and businesses to increase capacity, build strong business partners and structures and protect their rights.



Our lawyers at Westaway Law Group have extensive experience assisting Indigenous leaderships with their economic development, including but not limited to these projects:

  • Financial Administration Law Drafting;
  • Administration and governance By-law and policies drafting;
  • Communications and Consultation Material for lenders and business partners;
  • Contract drafting for employment;
  • Economic Development Consultation and Negotiation;
  • Incorporation;
  • Governance and Board Training;
  • Permit and Licensing;
  • Agreement Drafting, including Memorandum of Agreements, Impact Benefit Agreements and Trust Agreements; and
  • Exploratory Agreements with industry partners.

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