The Indian Act is recognized as an outdated piece of legislation that many believe should be repealed. In fact, the Trudeau government recently indicated its desire to “move beyond the Indian Act”. In the meantime, however, First Nations and Indigenous individuals must understand this legislation, which plays a role in governing some important aspects of their lives, particularly for those who live on reserve. The Act also includes important provisions that govern the conduct of business activities on reserve lands.

Westaway Law Group has extensive experience in assisting clients to understand how various provisions of the Indian Act and the processes and policies in place under this legislation apply to them.


We can assist First Nations, Indigenous individuals and business organizations with:

  • Understanding the registration (“status”) provisions under s. 6 of the Indian Act
  • Taking control of your own membership under s. 10 of the Indian Act
  • Negotiating the terms and conditions of permits or leases required to conduct business on a reserve
  • A variety of other transactions governed under the federal legislation

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