It is important to acknowledge the significant role Indigenous Peoples have played in Canada’s history, and the importance of our relationship, as a government, with Indigenous Peoples. The importance of that history and relationship underpins our indigenous languages legislation. The indigenous languages act is historic. Its impact will be felt by many future generations.

Honorable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism

The Canadian government passed the Indigenous Languages Act on June 21, 20

19. The Act, also called Bill C-91, recognizes Indigenous language rights and establishes an Office of the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages. It is an important step in moving forward in strengthening and maintaining Indigenous languages.

Westaway Law Group has experience protecting Aboriginal rights, including language rights, through litigation, negotiation and advocacy at all levels of court and government. Our lawyers have appeared at various tribunals and administrative boards to protect minority language rights. We believe they are critical to safeguarding cultures, and for vibrant future.


We can help Indigenous organizations and governing bodies with:

  • The protection of Section 35 rights;
  • Human Rights Complaints;
  • Access to services in Indigenous languages; and
  • Negotiating agreements with the Ministry of Canadian Heritage to provide Indigenous language programs and services under sections 8 and 9 of the Indigenous Languages Act.

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