Family law matters such as divorces or custody arrangements can be stressful and exhausting. Having professional counsel on your side who understands your situation, and your unique legal needs, can give you a sense of stability and confidence in a rough time. Our goal at Westaway Law Group is to work with you to reach a resolution that meets with your needs at a difficult and emotional time.

Westaway Law Group has years of experience working with all aspects of family law, and knows how it intersects with Indigenous rights. We can advocate for your child to maintain their access to their cultural heritage. We fight for your rights, as protecting your best interests is in our best interest. We also focus on therapeutic methods, such as negotiation and mediation, wherever possible.


We offer a full range of family and child protection law services to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients, living on and off reserve, in Eastern Ontario (Ottawa, Ottawa Valley, Cornwall, Perth, Pembrooke, Akwesasne, Alexandria, Brockville, etc.) and can help with:

  • Divorce
  • Negotiating and drafting Separation and Domestic Agreements
  • Division of Family Property and Assets
  • Custody and Access
  • Child and Spousal Support (including enforcement of unpaid child support)
  • Pension Division
  • All child protection matters, including those involving the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) and other children’s agencies
  • Securing a restraining order in family court, or a peace bond in criminal court
  • Becoming recognized as a First Nations, Inuit or Métis child and family services authority under Ontario’s Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017
  • Drafting Spousal Real Property Laws and related legislation, policies and rules
  • Establishing a Tribunal to hear family law cases on reserve

Contact our family law lawyer Tumi Odele for a consultation about your particular circumstances or family law problem and we will be happy to assist you during this difficult time.

We accept Legal Aid certificates for both Family Law and Criminal Law.

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