The courts can be a confusing and stressful place for people charged with criminal offences. It can be difficult to choose your best course of action. A skilled lawyer will review the facts of your situation and advocate for you. They are your greatest defence against a possible criminal conviction. Our extensive experience with litigation and Charter challenges can help ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your Criminal Law matter.

If you are Indigenous, you are entitled to have your background considered at bail and sentencing hearings, thanks to the landmark case, R v Gladue. Article 718.2(e) of the Criminal Code requires the courts to consider reasonable sanctions other than jail, “with particular attention to the circumstances of Aboriginal offenders.” We understand where Indigenous rights and the criminal justice system intersect.

Westaway Law Group has experience assisting individuals with criminal matters before courts in Ontario and Saskatchewan, and quasi-criminal matters in Québec. We will soon be able to assist Nunavut residents. We will also soon be able to accept Legal Aid certificates in Ontario.


We can help individual clients with:

  • Securing restorative justice remedies. This is an alternative resolution to a matter that emphasizes rehabilitation rather than punishment. It is typically based on a consensus developed by healing circles which include the offender, community elders, and even the victim (if willing).
  • Any and all criminal charges under the Criminal Code, Firearms Act, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and other criminal statutes. We have defended clients from charges including, but not limited to: robbery, impaired driving, dangerous driving, home invasion, aggravated assault, domestic assault, sexual assault, theft, fraud, criminal negligence and attempted murder.
  • Representation for youth charges.
  • Representation at bail and sentencing hearings.

Contact us if you have been charged with a crime or quasi-criminal offence to discuss your options.


> Criminal Code of Canada

> Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

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